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Research-based educational practices often struggle to scale due to inconsistent and inefficient professional learning development processes.


We have developed a technology-supported approach to site-based coaching, known as the Sustainable Coaching and Adaptive Learning for Education (SCALE) model. Key points include:

  • Developing internal capacity by supporting school-based leaders in implementing the program.
  • Utilizing a collaborative discussion forum for content delivery and building reflection.
  • Employing discussion protocols and in-person meetings to address adaptive problems arising in instructional implementation.

This approach to Professional Development (PD) can be applied across various use cases. While content may change, the approach to site-based collaborative learning remains consistent. We generate data from this hybrid model, which supports:

  • Site leader development and research into leadership development.
  • School and district leader development, researching the most effective PD approaches.

Our Vision:

Our goal is to develop a clear, adaptable, and scalable approach to PD that can be deployed for free by any vendor, university, or district. We aim for the built-in data analytics to foster a common expectation for data transparency, thereby building a collective understanding of effective strategies for scaling research-based practices in public K-12 schools.

Current Tools:

Learn about our proof of concept in supporting literacy development here.

Technical description of our dashboard data and example dashboards here.

Access our R code for data extraction, merging, cleaning, and de-identification on our GitHub project page here.

Access deidentified data from years 1 and 2 at our OSF organization page here.

Read about our funded IES SBIR award here.

Next Steps:

Transitioning to a new forum technology, Discourse, in 2024 with support from the Discourse community leaders.

Continuing to maintain the SCALE model, we will build on our engagement framework and research on how instructional leaders use data dashboards for teacher learning support.

Integrating AI technology into our platform to assist new site leaders in:

  • Summarizing and evaluating thread responses.
  • Giving feedback to teachers.
  • Providing specific resources.
  • Generating specific coaching suggestions from the data dashboards.