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Anticipation Guide Reading Ways
A prereading guide to help clarify and activate background knowledge and a purpose for reading.
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The Many Strands of Skilled Reading across Domains Q
An illustration of the sub-skills used in reading across disciplines
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Elements of Nonfiction Scavenger Reading Ways
Find elements of nonfiction and record the page where you find each element.
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Argumentation Sheet Reading Ways
Organizer for debate or argumentative writing with list of argumentative keywords.
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Text Treasure Hunt Reading Ways
Develop a purpose for reading by integrating information across text elements
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Rebuttal Battle Reading Ways
Read the question and take a stance.
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Area Study Organizer Reading Ways
Record facts and information about a geographical or cultural area.
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Data Driven Dialogue Protocol Reading Ways
This protocol facilitates discussion focused on data sets, eliminating hunches and guesswork and...
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Adolescent Literacy in the Era of the Common Core Reading Ways
Adolescent Literacy in the Era of the Common Core provides school leaders, teachers, and others with
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