Data Literacy Course

Data Literacy Course 2021-07-05

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šŸ”¢Using student data to inform strategic decision-making.
Administrators face huge challenges in using student data to inform strategic decision-making. Some face a tangle of dashboards and formats with no clear system for cleaning and merging data. Even when the data is cleaned and organized, it is hard to interpret! How can we get beyond looking at data dashboards or comparing mean scores?

This course is designed specifically for educational leaders responsible for analyzing district student data. There are no statistical prerequisites for this course. In this 10 lecture course, we start with describing data and looking at correlations and end with multivariate regression analysis.

This service includes:

(1) Two (2) books; Understanding Statistics in Psychology
(2) Access to the learning platform for 2 people; and​
(3) Ten (10) in-person meetings using your district data
(3) Access to an instantiation of 10 modules of its Data for Literacy Leadership Course.
Participants will also have access to all power points, self-guided quizzes, movies, example data, and syntax used for STATA.​

Price: $8,000

During the course, participants build on existing templates to create two syntax files. The first one imports and cleans the data that you have access to. The second one runs a report. Both syntax files are annotated thoroughly so that the year after the course your team can replicate the merging, cleaning, and reporting process. The goal is to establish a system that will allow your district to flexibly use data across grade levels to answer important questions and inform your strategic vision.

The report Participants in the data course each create their own reports to answer questions that are the most relevant for their school. Here are some examples from our most recent participants.

How did students perform on the 2019 ELA State Achievement Exam?


Boxplot figure from client local literacy plan produced by Reading Ways
What was the historical achievement profile of students who were eligible for ELA accommodations in 2019


Historical Profile of Students with Accommodations

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