Diagnostic Literacy Inventory

Diagnostic Literacy Inventory 2021-07-05

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Our four-part readiness evaluation will help you to create a roadmap for your whole school literacy program 📚
An effective school literacy plan requires strong leadership and a clear vision. For a multi-tiered system of support to work, three key areas must be implemented simultaneously: effective literacy instruction in every classroom, small group literacy enrichment for students who need extra support, and individualized intensive support for students who continue to struggle. Sure, but how do we put these pieces together? Where do we start?

Price: $1,500 - $3,000

Each readiness evaluation includes the following components:
  • An inventory of your current literacy assessments. Are they of sufficient quality to be used for progress monitoring? Does research indicate that they are valuable tools for informing instruction? Using your student data and peer-reviewed evaluations, we will provide an overview of the psychometric properties of your tests and the appropriate uses.
  • An inventory of your current literacy interventions and curricula. Are they aligned with recent peer-reviewed research? Are there other interventions or curricula that may be a better fit for your student population? The What Works Clearinghouse only lists a handful of interventions appropriate for secondary schools. Our team goes beyond the What Works Clearinghouse, using the same peer-reviewed resources to provide a more current list of effective interventions which meet standards for efficacy as required by the federal government.
  • An inventory of your data analytic processes and data-driven decision-making. Do you have the structures in place to implement collaborative and data-driven decision-making? We will provide an independent review of the processes used to determine the level of support necessary for students at every level.
  • An inventory of school-wide literacy practices across content areas. What are the instructional practices used by your content-area teachers? What are their perspectives about your whole-school literacy program? We help you understand instructional practices and beliefs reported by your teachers utilizing a comprehensive online survey tool.
Our readiness evaluation will provide clear guidance on where to begin your work. Some schools start by revamping their assessment batteries and evaluating how they are allocating resources to students. Other schools have a clear handle on the needs of their students but find a lack of coherent literacy instruction across content area classrooms.
No two schools are the same. Our in-depth report will help you build a customized, multi-year plan of action. Contact us now for more information and details.
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