Literacy Leadership Course

Literacy Leadership Course 2021-07-05

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šŸ“Building a shared vision for schoolwide literacy support takes careful planning
The literacy leadership course is the starting place for schools that wish to implement instructional change as a part of their comprehensive school literacy improvement initiative. Our 15-hour Literacy Leadership course is a hands-on learning experience for your staff with ongoing support from a Reading Ways consultant. The course is typically taken by 4 to 6 staff members and includes members with different roles in the school. We call this group the Literacy Leadership team.

This service includes:
Price: $5,000 plus the cost of additional books for larger teams.

Some of the key outcomes of this course will be:

A needs assessment.
The goal of the needs assessment is to build a data-based plan for a detailed sequence of professional learning. The needs assessment typically involves collecting data with the Carnegie Literacy Survey, the student interest profile, doing informal instructional rounds, looking at student assessment data, conducting informal interviews with key stakeholders, and examining the results of the RW Readiness Evaluation (if that has been completed).

A shared understanding of the current research on adolescent literacy in the many facets of critical disciplinary literacy. All members of the Literacy Leadership Team will watch and discuss four webinars from national leaders to establish a clear understanding of the research behind core instructional practices like explicit comprehension and vocabulary instruction, classroom discussion, and the use of multiple text sets in all classes.

A shared understanding of key concepts of adult learning and instructional coaching. The team uses Cultivating Coaching Mindsets (Bean and Ippolito, 2016) to explore concepts such as:

  • How instructional coaches can work as leaders, facilitators, designers, and advocates
  • How to consider individuals and systems, mindsets, culture, and differentiating in designing an action plan
  • The differences between instrumental knowers, socializing knowers, and self-authoring knowersā€
A detailed action plan. The final deliverable of the literacy leadership course is a detailed action plan which maps out which team members will begin this work and when, what topics teaching teams will explore, and exactly how this work will be supported across multiple years.
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