1. Reading Ways

    Likenesses & Differences 2023-06-29

    Likenesses & Differences Description "Likenesses & Differences" is an organizer designed to show the relationship between two concepts by examining similarities and differences. Exploring how two ideas are both similar and distinct, allows for a more nuanced understanding of their relationships...
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    Four A's Text Protocol 2023-08-11

    Four A's Text Protocol Description The purpose of the Four A's is to explore a text deeply in light of one's own values and intentions, generating a discussion about a controversial reading. The teacher introduces a text and a reading strategy to students. The students read the text in groups...
  3. Reading Ways

    Data Driven Dialogue 2023-10-16

    Data Driven Dialogue Description The data-driven dialogue is a structured and systematic approach for conducting meaningful discussions centered around data sets. It is a step-by-step protocol designed to ensure that discussions are grounded in factual information and foster evidence-based...
  4. Reading Ways

    Text Treasure Hunt 2023-08-11

    Text Treasure Hunt Description The "Text Treasure Hunt" resource is an engaging and structured strategy that guides students as they read a text. Its primary objectives are to help students develop a purpose for careful reading, encourage them to integrate information from various text elements...
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    Elements of Nonfiction Scavenger Hunt 2023-08-11

    Elements of Nonfiction Scavenger Hunt Description The "Elements of Nonfiction Scavenger Hunt" is an educational activity designed to engage students in the exploration and analysis of nonfiction texts. The primary goal of this strategy is to guide students as they review nonfiction texts and...
  6. Reading Ways

    Rebuttal Battle 2023-06-29

    Rebuttal Battle Description "Rebuttal Battle" classroom resource is an instructional tool designed to assist students in honing their debate and argumentation skills. This strategy complements "Argumentation Sheet" and is aimed at preparing students for a classroom debate or discussion. It helps...
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    Anticipation Guide 2023-08-11

    Anticipation Guide Description An anticipation guide is a learning activity designed to engage students in critical thinking and build their understanding of a topic before they begin studying it. The activity works by presenting students with a series of statements related to the topic and...
  8. Reading Ways

    Argumentation Sheet 2023-08-11

    Argumentation Sheet Description "Argumentation Sheet" is a classroom strategy designed to help students develop and refine their skills in constructing, presenting, and evaluating persuasive arguments. It pairs with "Rebuttal Battle" and is particularly valuable in teaching students how to...