Reading Ways' License System

February 12, 2021

This page will clarify your rights and obligations associated with viewing, uploading, and downloading resources by summarizing parts of our Terms of Service Agreement (section V. LICENSING TERMS) and explaining our licensing system. 


Why is this information important? Reading Ways's licenses covers both the uploading and downloading users' rights and obligations. 

  • When you upload: Each time you upload content to Reading Ways, you give other users a license to use and share the content you upload in whatever way they choose, and the obligation to attribute the resource. If you are unsure about your rights to upload others' work, please instead provide a URL link to the content. 
  • When you download: Each time you download content from Reading Ways, you will have certain rights and obligations, as well.  

Written notices alerting Reading Ways of copyright infringements will be followed up on and may result in account termination.  

Stanadard vs. Premium License

You agree to:    
Attribute original creator and author YES YES
Maintain, were present, the identifying symbols or branding NO YES
You can:     
Distribute and share YES NO
Display to YOUR students in classroom or PD sessions YES YES
Adapt, remix, transform, or build upon YES YES
Use commercially NO NO

What are the similarities between the Premium and Standard license?  Both the Premium and Standard license lets users adapt, remix, transform, or build upon the material, as long as they give attribution to the original creator. Neither Standard nor Premium licensed resources may be downloaded by users for commercial purposes. Users may display or show the material to others in an educational context or for an educational purpose. To display to others for educational purposes means that a teacher can, for example, print out a premium or standard licensed classroom resource to give to his students. An instructional coach may show a premium or standard licensed video to all participants in her professional development sessions.    


What is the difference between the Premium and Standard license?  

  Our Standard license is our most accomodating license for downloading users. The User who uploads content gives other users a license to use, distribute, and adapt the content as long as they credit the original creator. We want our standard licensed resources to be accessible and help as many educators as possible achieve their educational goals. 

Premium License

The Premium license imposes stricter conditions and obligations on the downloading user. It is also the default uploading licensing. We spent considerable time developing our premium resources. Our premium resources will therefore only be available to our Premium members. Users are prohibited from distributing, sublicense to others, removing attribution and branding, or use premium licensed content commercially. Notwithstanding the above, you are welcome to adapt these resources and show or display them to others for educational purposes.